When 3 Decades of Fitness Experience Speaks

Highlights and Takeaways from the podcast featuring Dejan Stipke and Daniel Vadnal

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5 min readNov 4, 2022

Dejan was a calisthenics and street workout athlete (a legend according to people), one of the best in the world with 2 decades of experience. He has shifted to weight-based workouts since 2019. The transition for him would have been the hardest considering his devotion towards calisthenics and obviously dealing with “Log Kya Kahenge”.

Dejan Stipke

Daniel is an international calisthenics expert with more than 10 years of experience. He is renowned for his ability to educate, empower and motivate. He is known for his YouTube channel, Fitness FAQs, through which he conveys the blend of science with real-world results.

Daniel Vadnal

In fitness, everything is subjective and depends on how you perceive it. There is the correct and wrong, good and bad which is again, personal. The view of fitness must evolve for us as we do and that comes through learning from people who have been doing it for a long time and succeeded in it. The correct way of learning would be to follow the advice that might help in your journey than to compare your physique with theirs.

Like Dejan Says, “I am a bad example sometimes as I have been working out for more than 2 decades to get here.” He says, “Don’t be reckless while training, it might injure you. Choose one thing and workout in proper form with discipline. Be patient, 1 Rep and 3 Rep workouts took me 1 to 3 weeks to recover. Here the recovery is good food, stretching, walking, resting, and napping which is even important.”

Why did he choose to lift weights and what’s different?

For pure strength, 1 rep strength, and isolations. He cannot become stronger doing only pull-ups or body weight exercises, the strength gain stagnates, and the body adapts over time.

What workout routine he follows and why?

He follows BRO SPLITS.

Monday - Back, Tuesday - Chest, Wednesday - Legs, Thursday - Shoulder & Triceps, Friday - Bicep

He believes if you work once properly on each muscle in a week it is enough.

He suggests to combine Calisthenics with Weights for better workouts, go for explosives, followed by compounds in your workouts. Have a plan already, then work on it. Follow one kind of workout for 3–4 weeks before switching.


Follow a BALANCED DIET, it must be something that you can follow for a long period of time, years and years. Follow whatever diet suits you. Any kind of diet or nutrition based on your calling or beliefs works if you do it properly. Nutrition must be your Lifestyle and Longevity. Balance is the key.

Fasting is good, try to design your meals in a way that you are eating for less amount of time and fasting for more in a day.

How to begin with Hybrid workouts?

  • The form is the most important, Learn FORM first.
  • Bench Press, Squats, Military Press, etc.
  • It is hard to lift in proper form when you move from body weights to weightlifting.
  • Keep doing the body weights but find a way to make it harder every time you are adapting.

Your bodyweight exercises will improve when you do both together.


Don’t take steroids unless your body stops supporting you. For instance, when the body stops producing testosterone you can take it with a doctor’s prescription after undergoing proper tests.

Be patient in your journey, compare yourself to yourself, do not compare yourself with people who have been in the game for years. This will just f**k up your life when you stop taking steroids that you had started to take to look like them.

Bulking and Cutting

It is good to bulk and cut, it is important, but you need to know how to do it. 200 to 300 calories or just 1 meal more per day is enough to bulk.

Life Tips

  • The bad and the good comments must not affect you. When someone calls you a legend, you must not get affected, it increases your Ego. You might even stop improving as you are on top.
  • Don’t care about who follows you and who does not on social media. You do you.
  • Do not post everything online, if you put everything online nothing is yours.

Start with Discipline, be true to what you, keep an eye on your goal, have confidence, and believe in yourself. Have healthy expectations, and work hard, no matter what people say.

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