Warm Fuzzies

Purvil Gadhiya
3 min readNov 27, 2021


Today a customer walked into our pharmacy with his cute son. The pharmacy was not crowded. The employees were idle. The boy grabbed their attention and everyone was observing him now. The boy was about three years young. He was dressed neatly in grey jeans and a yellow shirt, except he was not wearing shoes. While the father was waiting for the bill the boy pointed his tiny fingers at the chocolate fridge joyfully asking, “Father, Father, buy me that, I want that” without knowing the name of any chocolate. He asked twice and went outside the shop thinking his father ignored him. His father worried called him in. The boy was disappointed and said, “I won’t come in” and started exploring the things displayed in the racks from the outside.

The boy was persistent and tried again. He came in after some time and asked for the chocolate again pointing at it in the same way. He then went out again to show disappointment to his father. The employees observing the child were already enjoying the moment of the child's mischief. The bill was almost ready. His father asked for a bar of chocolate. Listening to which he came running to the tall counter and waited there for the employee to give it to him. The employee was giving him the chocolate, but he was too short to take it from him. The boy raised himself up by standing on his toes but still did not reach the chocolate. His dad took the chocolate from the employee and gave it to him. He was filled with joy. The father paid the bill.

They were now leaving the shop. His father told him to put the chocolate into his pocket and have it later. He started searching for his pocket. He couldn’t find one, so he lifted his shirt and tried to fit the chocolate in the stitched design on his jeans still confused about where his pockets were. This innocence put up silent laughter on everyone’s face. He was still looking for his pocket when his father pushed his shirt down and told him to put the chocolate in the carry bag he held in front of him.

After which his father held his hand and they left. Everyone in the shop was happy. I was still looking at the boy. As soon as they were out of the shop, he pointed at an article displayed in another shop and told, “I want that”. His father refused on buying that while taking him straight to their bike. The refusal however did not hinder his sprite and he climbed the bike as if climbing a small wall. He sat on the fuel tank holding the handle waiting while his father was putting things into the bag. Finally, his father sat on the bike and they rode away.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy and whoever is happy will make others happy.

Dalai Lama & Anne Frank

Being happy is not everyone's cup of tea, it is a tough challenge for many but we all find ways to enjoy life and stay happy, regardless of what’s thrown at us. The little things that make us happy remind us that it does not take great things to make us happy and it is our choice to be happy.

Happiness is everywhere, the thing which matters is what makes you happy?

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