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Purvil Gadhiya
2 min readSep 2, 2022

This article is about what I could draw out from a small conversation!

I often visited “Apsara” a general store in our town with my sister when I was a kid. The shop owner, Jawed Bhaiya sold all beauty and care, FMCG products. His shop was famous amongst women. Jawed Bhaiya knew our family very well. I went home to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this August. I have stayed away from home for most of my life now. I meet people whom I have been around in my childhood when I go back home, and they enquire about what I have been doing now. I am joyed and grateful every time I go home these days.

This time I met Javed Bhaiya. He was unrecognizable at first moment after his inspiring weight loss. I thought it is someone else and spoke to him like a stranger. He recognized me as I asked him for a double-sided tape. Surprised he asked, “Purvil, right” He did not have the tape. He told me the names of other shops that sold the tape. He then asked me how I am holding up and I asked him the same. He told me he was fine, I complimented him for his weight loss. He explained, “I got High Sugar and High BP together in my medical tests which is why I had to cut down my weight. Life has become horrible with no meat, spices, sweets, and eating out.” He was clearly frustrated with life. I asked him, “Don’t you feel fresh and energetic now?” He agreed, “That is there, now I feel fresh and light, I have no lethargy in my body, it feels good.” His view shifted and he spoke as if he was happier now.

I asked him if everything was well now, told him to take care of his health, and bid farewell. This conversation is stuck in my mind. I realized how the circle of people you live around affects you. Javed Bhaiya started the conversation in a frustrated tone and ended it in genuine happiness. He was proud of himself and his journey. I could feel he had become habitual of cribbing to people in our town who usually are not into fitness, taking care of their health, etc. He showed people that it is horrible to be like him. It is ironic.

People forced him to be like this because they would argue if he told them how good it is. They would say it’s all bull shit and try to drag him back with ideas that could convince him. I have friends who used to justify smoking and try to persuade others to believe it is not wrong to smoke. They have now themselves quit smoking. It is said you are the average of the people you live with; this is the undeniable truth. Beware of your company and keep hustling.

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