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3 min readJul 29, 2022

The person at the fuel station started filling Petrol in our diesel car, my dad quickly approached and stopped him. It was too late as there was one liter of petrol mixed with the Diesel in the tank. Now, dad called the manager at the station who assured dad nothing would happen if that much petrol was mixed with diesel. Dad got the tank filled so that the petrol would be diluted. He took it in writing from the manager that if anything happens, they would be responsible. This wasted thirty minutes of our time. We were traveling from Nagpur to Yavatmal after a joyful event at Indu Nani’s house.

There was a sound of the collision, my dad said ‘Ohhhhh baappreee’ in surprise and told me to look there. “What happened, where?” I asked. He said a car driver tossed two people on a scooter high in the air while they were waiting near the divider’s end. We were on the outskirts of Nagpur. My dad who was driving and my brother in the back seat had seen the incident live, I couldn’t see it. While my dad was telling me about the incident my brother asked him to stop the car. He said, “what you would do? let it go”. “I will stop speaking to you if you do not stop the car right now!” said my brother.

Dad stopped the car almost a hundred meters away from the site of the accident on the highway. My brother ran to the injured, told people who were gathering to move away, and let them breathe. My dad drove in the reverse till there. I got down to see what had happened, both the guys were unconscious as they were hurt in the head. There was blood all around their head. I was just looking at them clueless about what to do and thinking if they could have worn the helmet nothing would have happened to them. There was a huge crowd gathering.

My brother called their loved ones from the number he managed to find in their wallet and informed them of the incident. He helped settle them into the vehicle that had been arranged after 30 minutes to take them to the hospital. He shared the contacts of their relatives with the driver and finally, they left. We returned to our car where mom and Aruna Nani were speaking about dangerous accidents they had seen. Accidents involving our relatives and accidents they had heard about in their lives. They were discussing how people should follow the traffic rules while not wearing a seat belt. I asked them this and they said, “It is not workable for 3 people to wear the seat belt in the back seat, hope those guys in the accident recover” and changed the topic.

I was inspired by what my brother had done. It took courage and presence of mind to help those strangers in that situation. He genuinely took the initiative in times when people like me would step away. He showed me what it is to help someone unconditionally. He was very attentive to the situation and actively helped whereas I and most of the crowd were merely spectating. Hats off to you brother for what you did that day. I am proud to have a brother like you.

Happy Birthday, Mate! Hope you have a wonderful one. Keep shining.

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