Fitness Channels that I Follow on YouTube

To start your fitness journey, you need to be clear on what fitness means to you. It can be having a normal physique with good eating habits or a shredded body, it can be maintaining a balance between your mind and body or anything you feel is right for you. The way you think of fitness is subjective. It varies from person to person. The channels that I have followed are mostly aimed towards physical strength building, calisthenics, and weight lifting. I started my journey and learned everything from them and my experiences.

Fun Fact: How did the name “Dumbbell” come into existence?

“Dumbbells” as a word originated in Tudor England in sixteenth century. Athletes used hand-held church bells to work out. These bells ranged in weight. They would-be noisy if used with their clappers so the athletes would remove the clappers. The bells were then ‘dumb,’ hence, dubbed “dumbbells”. The name carried forward even though the types of equipment changed.

The channels are as follows:

  1. AthleanX - The best channel for weight lifting and muscle building information. The channel is run by Jeff Cavaliere who discusses fitness with principles of science and mechanics of the body. For Example, the 8 best dumbbell exercises ever to hit every muscle. There are follow-along workouts that make your fitness journey easier if you do not have time and equipment.
  2. Hybrid Calisthenics - A channel where fitness is taught from the basics with a very friendly and wonderful approach breaking stereotypes of showing things in a difficult way. For Example, You CAN Do Pushups.
  3. Calisthenic movement - The best calisthenics channel on YouTube. Ever came across a bald guy with blue shorts explaining fitness, that was surely a video by CM. They teach everything from basics with every detail explained. If you want to fix your posture, they have an amazing video on that. Do check it out.
  4. Gravity Transformation - Highly researched content presented with the best knowledge presented. This channel has all the info about diet and fitness-related topics such as The Best Things to Do During a Workout, What Happens After 30 Days of Cold Showers, 10 Worst Diet Mistakes that Make You Fat, etc.
  5. - An all-rounder fitness channel with everything that you might ask for in it. It has tons of content but does not have content targeted to a particular audience. You need to choose what you watch on this channel. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint is one of the videos I liked on the channel.
  6. Fitness FAQs - Another channel with the best calisthenics content. The content is well explained in depth. For example, 20 Push-Up Exercises Ranked (Easy to Hard).
  7. Thenx - The basic calisthenics taught in the flow that can make you a professional athlete and best follow along routines that will help you maintain your fitness on the go.
  8. Austin Dunham - Another channel that posts follow-along workouts, about calisthenics and honest views on everything related to fitness.
  9. Dominik Sky - The athlete who was initially into parkour and has moved to Calisthenics now. The content that he posts is unique and has a huge impact of his experiences. Some videos include Learn a Handstand in 6 SIMPLE Steps!, You Should Progress Every Week! | Calisthenics, etc.

These were the 9 channels I follow. Hope you enjoyed the list and the blog.

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