Etiquettes One Must Follow in the Gym

It is very important to uphold all rules and regulations the gym you visit has set up. If no rules and etiquette are set by them it is still your responsibility as an athlete to follow them with discipline and integrity.

Good Hygiene

  • Carry your own Hand towel to wipe your sweat and place it on the benches or mats so that they don't get sweaty.
  • Wipe the equipment if it has become sweaty after you use them (You can ask the gym which is complimentary for tissues to clean equipment).
  • Wear deodorant and make sure you shower every day.
  • You must wash your clothes after using them once in the gym.


  • Put the equipment back onto the racks or in their respective places after you are done using them in chronological order. Putting the weights back is a part of your exercise.
  • Everyone might not be lifting as heavy as you so replace your weights.
  • Ensure that others are done using the equipment before taking.
  • Do not stand over people making them uncomfortable or rush through their exercises when you are waiting for the equipment they are using, Either stand out of eyesight or move on to other exercises and come back later.
  • Do not hog equipment i.e. take and keep several types of equipment engaged for yourself for a longer time period, especially when the gym is crowded.
  • Do not perform your exercise right in front of the dumbbell rack. It blocks others’ way to access weights. Take two steps back or go away from the rack.
  • Do not ever perform curls standing inside a squat rack.
  • Do not rest on equipment.
  • Do not place your belongings on the equipment unless you are using them.
  • Use the squat rack only for doing squats.

Exercise Area

  • Exercise only in the area that has been dedicated for exercising.
  • Do not exercise in the free area or area left for walking.


  • You might injure yourself or others while lifting weights you cannot handle. Put your ego aside and work out.
  • Lifting with perfect form is sexier than lifting heavy without a form.
  • Allow others to work with the equipment in between your sets.


  • Studies show that that grunting improves your workout but that does not mean you keep grunting all the time. It is okay to grunt a bit on your last reps when you are really struggling.

Free Advice

  • If you have ever observed, only beginners will go around giving advice, not the advanced people.
  • Do not give free advice to anyone at the gym. First, they will not value it because it was free, and second, they won’t like it if you tell them they are wrong.
  • If someone is almost about to hurt themselves or is in a bad situation do help them and get back to your own work.

Life lesson: Nobody likes it when you tell them they are wrong and they will never accept that they are wrong.

Be humble and respectful

Do not walk around in the gym as if you were superior to others even if you are in better shape.

Do not stalk, invade personal space or hit on people in the gym. It is not a speed dating app.


Ask only those people who can lift the weight you are lifting to spot you, ask them responsibly if they are comfortable physically supporting you.

Do not block anyone's mirror view of themselves while they are working out.

Do not use your phone in the gym, especially whilst sitting on a machine. Make playlists before entering and put them on silent.

Carry your water bottle.

Now that we have witnessed the pandemic and are adapting to it follow all the precautionary measures of Covid pandemic.

If you do not feel well and are sick, STAY HOME.

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