A Perfect Electric Car

1880’s was the time when electric vehicles first came into existence. Gustave Pierre Trouvé was the one who first introduced them. Imagine the amount of pollution avoided and the peace (no offence to IC engine lovers) that could have existed if EV’s were used from 1880’s. The Plug-in electric industry has seen a huge rise in sales and production in recent years as the people and governments start to realise the importance of nature. It has been observed that electric cars have not yet achieved the mark of excellence compared to the fuel powered cars. The existing EV’s are not considered to be perfect due to many reasons that stop them from being at par with the fuel powered cars. Let us see if a perfect electric car is made what would it be like considering the lifestyle of people in today’s fast-moving world where time is the most precious thing and patience is lacking.

1. Range: A fuel powered car today has an average range of about 663 kilometres and the highest being 1126 kilometres whereas the highest range an electric car has achieved is 646 kilometres. If we see here the electric cars have got a long way ahead. An EV achieving 700+ kilometres of range would be just enough to meet the requirements. To further increase the range of the car a highly functional solar panel as a roof would be beneficial.

2. Charging Stations: The fuel stations have become quite underrated these days. Go back in time and ask a person who had to carry fuel with him to be able to travel far. When it comes to EV’s we require single super charging network which makes charging an electric car as convenient as refuelling a gasoline car. The network must be such that any electric car could be charged onto that station. The network must be user friendly and have smart interface to display the number of chargers occupied at the station and the time it will be vacated.

There could be another technology like Power Snap developed by NIO in China wherein the whole battery of the car is swapped with another instead of charging it and is as fast as refuelling of a gasoline powered car.

3. Build Quality and design: This includes the usage of quality, lightweight materials in both the interior and exterior keeping the safety in the priority. The level of comfort must also be something that should be considered because that is the zone which nobody wants to leave, and everyone would be happy to get in. The aerodynamics play an important role in the range of the car, lower the drag co-efficient better the aerodynamics and range. Ground clearance is another factor for the safety of the battery and better driving. A responsive steering to give the driver better feel and control while driving is also essential.

4. Drivetrain and battery: The drive system is the centre piece of a battery-electric vehicle. Comprising the power electronics, e-motor, transmission. The combination of hardware and software working together required to control the drive train should be producing the best results. The battery is the powerhouse of the car so it must be having high density which has less watt hour consumption per mile. The battery must be able to be fully charged in 15 minutes or less consisting of super charging characteristics. A battery switching technology would be the optimal solution instead of charging the battery which requires a lot of time to charge and research to develop it for fast charging.

Drivetrain of Electric Vehicle

5. Cooling system: Cooling of batteries is very important for long life and better efficiency. The battery is to be maintained at an ideal temp which is not too cold or not too hot, either of which would damage the battery. Currently the Indirect cooling system is used in cooling the batteries which is the same as in an IC engine car where series of pipes in the battery pack circulates coolant. The coolant absorbs excess heat and carries it away to a heat exchanger similar to a radiator where the heat is dispersed into the atmosphere and a water pump circulates the liquid but another type cooling system, that is direct cooling system which is analysed to be more effective is in the R&D phase wherein battery cells are submerged in coolants to get optimum cooling.

Types of Cooling System for Electric Vehicles
Indirect cooling system

6. Performance: The 90% energy conversion efficiency in combination with greater performance of decent 0–100kmph timing, the efficient handling of power with different drive modes having good torque numbers (270–400 lb. ft), a decent amount of power (200–400 HP), a top speed of 140–160 kilometres per hour, and low braking distances are basic requirements to make the Electric vehicle fun to drive and deliver power packed perfect performance.

7. Cost: The cost of an electric car is one of the major reasons why people still end up buying an IC engine car even if they would want to buy an electric car. Cost plays an important role so it must justify the value of the car and what the customer is getting. The cost must appeal to the customers. There is another concept that could be brought in here which is alike aviation industry. In aviation industry the engine is provided by one company and the body by another so in case of electric vehicle too the car and the whole assembly except battery must be provided by one company and the battery must be provided by another based on yearly charges or an affordable plan. This would help in the battery management and effective costing. The customers must also be able to give their batteries on rent or vice versa. As it is a separate company, it would also be able to manage battery health, waste generated, finances and every other aspect of battery with ease and better concentration.

That is a Perfect Electric Vehicle I could see. Do let me know what more do you think could make a perfect electric vehicle.

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